What is a mindLAB space?

Local community / shared space for mind/BCI exploration, hardware/software R&D, workshops & courses, hackathons, device rental, conferences & debates, happening & events, and much more...
What is the relationship between art and mindware devices? How BCIs can be used for artistic practices? Mindlab spaces can operate as a contextualization framework to make this intersection happening. A place for art development, emphasizing affective, sensory, poetic and aesthetic experiences intermediated by mindware devices. Are you a digital artist and a brain-waves surfer? The MindLAB space is your place.
The first time you see your brainwaves on a screen you feel some excitement, and your exitement impacts on your brainwaves, creating a cyberloop... Now, add music to the loop and look at it as a mind-powered music visualizer (just an idea). Push it further, define goals and invent a story: you are now in the field of BCI-gaming. Physical, on screen, or AR/VR? Mind-contrlled gaming is a vast land to be explored...
Neuro-feedback works. You can learn how to achieve a deep-calm state-of-mind (mindfulness state) in few minutes. Research has documented many benefits, like increased grey matter density, reduced thinning of the prefrontal cortex, decreasing amygdala activity (associated with stress response), and increased resilience – basically, an overall beneficial change of the brain’s structure and function. Psychoanalysis can also be integrated with mindware applications, and set the concept to the next level.
Brainwaves sensing has made neuroscience running fast. For the fist time in human history we are allowed to look inside our inner space having empirical data. Among the latest achievements, thanks also to AI powered algorithms, decoding our thoughts. Is telepathy through technology just one step away? What is the impact for our species? This new fronteer is opening new issues in ethics and new human rights are demanded.